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Rev. Brian Cokonougher

For the last few months members of our Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Commissions (Christian Service, Community Life, Evangelization, Faith Formation, Finance and Worship) have been meeting to develop a Parish Mission Statement and a Parish Vision Statement, identify our parish priorities, and write parish goals. So far we've completed two of these three tasks.

Holy Trinity Parish
Master Planning Process

Our new parish Mission and Vision Statements:

Mission Statement Holy Trinity Catholic Parish is a multi-cultural faith community that lives, proclaims and shares the Holy Gospel with its parishioners and all God's People.

Vision Statement Guided by the Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity Parish is growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ to become a stronger Catholic Community by providing worship, faith formation, outreach and quality of place to all God's people.

Our Parish Priorities:

· Increase Spiritual Life and Prayer

· Evangelization - Outreach/Inreach

· Know who we are (parish census)

· Leadership/Mentoring/Improve Planning/Monitoring Progress

· Diverse Programming (for youth, seniors, etc.)

· Technology Improvements (communication)

· Future Financial Plan (ex: endowment)

Our Draft Goals:

1. Provide opportunities for the people of God to grow in their spiritual life and prayer life.

2. Improve our knowledge and awareness of our parishioners and their needs.

3. Proclaim the good news of salvation to all so the communion of faith may carry on the work of the church.

4. Inspire in our parishioners a culture of stewardship using their time, talent and treasure to support our parish and its mission.

5. Develop leaders by training, mentoring and monitoring to build a healthy, sustainable and vibrant communion of disciples.

From these priorities we are now
writing goals that will
guide our parish for the next 3 to 5 years.

At our Parish Pastoral Council Meeting back on April 3 it was decided that we should try to consolidate these 5 goals into 3, because we will then be asking our 6 commissions to write objectives for each goal. These objectives will help us fulfill our goals through the 2014-2015 year.