Emergency Mass Plan

By Fr. Zbig Zomerfeld and Fr. Brian Cokonougher

Bulletin Article January 27, 2013

This the second in a series of four articles to be published in the bulletins of both Holy Trinity Parish and St. Mary Parish concerning the Together in Faith, Phase II planning process developed by our parishes and approved by the Blue Water Vicariate.

Last fall the staff from St. Mary and the staff from Holy Trinity met to develop an emergency Mass schedule, in the event that either pastor could not cover their weekend Masses. This schedule is only for a short-term emergency, but it must take into account funeral coverage, availability to go to the hospital to offer the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, and also allow for the coverage of previously scheduled weddings. Further, while senior clergy (like Fr. Joe Gagnon and Fr. George Askar) would be asked to assist in an emergency, a schedule must be on hand that one priest can cover. Obviously this would be a very difficult situation (especially if it went on for more than a week or two), and every single parishioner at both St. Mary and Holy Trinity would be affected. In light of the fact that St. Mary Parish has approximately 1,300 active, registered households and Holy Trinity Parish has approximately 1,000 active, registered households we would need to be able to accommodate at least 2,000 people with four Masses. As such, our emergency Mass schedule would be:

4:00 pm @ St. Stephen Church
5:30 pm @ St. Mary Church

Confessions 3:00 pm @ St. Stephen Church

9:00 am @ St. Mary Church


Monday: No Mass
Tuesday: 9:00 am @ St. Stephen Church
Wednesday: 8:15 am @ St. Mary Church
Thursday: 8:15 am @ St. Mary Church
Friday: 8:15 am @ St. Mary Church

In the event of a pastoral vacancy the parish staffs would determine when the schedule would take effect and communicate this schedule to all the parishioners. Thankfully our two parish staffs are filled with extremely gifted, hard-working and dedicated individuals that would lead us all in an emergency with great ability and expertise!

Fr. Zbig
Pastor, St. Mary Parish
Fr. Brian
Pastor, Holy Trinity Parish