Holy Communion For Those With Gluten Allergies

From the Pastor

Hello, I have for a few months now been promising some of you that we would get hosts to accommodate those with gluten allergies and we have!

We now have low gluten hosts (20 parts per million). There does have to be some gluten for it to be wheat flour, which is a requirement for valid consecration.

We cannot use rice flour or other substitutes in the Catholic Church. Since it is too cost prohibitive to use low gluten hosts for everyone, we will offer them just for those who are gluten intolerant. This necessitates a special procedure. What I would ask is that all those who need a low gluten host purchase their own pyx (communion vessel).

You can find them at religious goods stores, or online. If you need help finding or getting one please contact the office.

You might want to put a small sticker on the bottom side with your name on it so we can get it back to the right person more easily.

Before mass, come back to the sacristy, and get a low gluten host out of the mini-fridge. They are individually wrapped and labeled. Take off the wrap, put the host in your pyx, and then set them on the credence table. The servers will bring them up when they set the altar, and they will be consecrated with the other hosts.
When the extraordinary ministers of holy communion come up to receive communion, so should those with a pyx on the altar.

We will hand you your pyx saying, “The body of Christ”, and after responding, “Amen”, you can then open it and receive. This way, no one touches your host but you limiting the possibility of cross contamination. You may then return to your seat as mass continues as usual. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

I hope that receiving the Body of Christ in this way will be a wonderful experience for those who have had to abstain thus far.

God bless you. -Fr. Sal