Our Prayers Reach To The Other Side Of The World

By: Sr. Gloria

We have previously mentioned the plight of our Dominican Sisters in Iraq. Several of them have studied with us in Adrian, and worked in some of our missions in Detroit and elsewhere. Thus we know them personally and feel an ongoing concern.

The 14th anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq occurred on this last Sunday, March 19. The Iraqi Dominican Sisters were forced to leave their convents, their work and their city. They have been living as refugees in ‘safer’ parts of the country. Sr. Luma Khudler, of those Iraqi sisters, was recently asked to read the following reflection at the Mission Congress in Rome. This reflection first appeared before Christmas.

(We received this, just the other day, from our Motherhouse in Adrian, with the request: “We invite you to ponder this message and what questions and responses we hold with our Iraqi Dominican family.” These questions can also help us think of other refugees that are so much in the news today, in our world. We can’t ignore their plight when we watch and read the news. As we think of these struggles, may our hearts and our prayers expand!)

Christmas Message From Heaven.

“As we approach Christmas day to celebrate the birth of our Lord, many of us join the shepherds with our questions and concerns:

Shall we return to our towns?
Shall we stay where we are? Shall we leave the country?
Shall we stay in this country? Is ISIS still there on the Plain of Nineveh?
Is ISIS out of Iraq? Shall we restore our houses and churches?
If we return, shall we be safe?
If we stay, what will happen to our homes on the Plain of Nineveh?

“With all of these questions, God in His mercy looks upon us and sends His angels to announce the Good News confirming that:

He is Emmanuel… God is with us.
If we return, He will be there for us.
If we stay, He stays with us.
If we leave the country, He will guide our steps.
If we stay, He will open our eyes to see signs of His love amongst all this destruction.
If ISIS is still here, He will send His angels to protect us.
If ISIS is out of here, He will give us courage to start again.
If we start restoring, He will send His messengers to give a hand.
If we worry about safety, He is trustworthy….and He will never let us down.
If we do not find answers to all our questions, He will give us peace in our hearts to sing with the angels: Glory be to God in the highest, and peace be to His people on earth.