Synod 16 Update

Synod 2016 logo“What an experience, so much energy and fellowship. Let’s keep it going!”

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Father Jeff, Deacon Dennis and myself leading up to Synod 16’. The Holy Spirit came upon us before and still resonates in us after this wonderful weekend that was filled with so much zeal. Before Pentecost, it is going to be the work of the Holy Spirit through Archbishop Vigneron to compose an account of where our archdiocese will be heading.

I would like to share a few things to keep in mind over the Lenten season:

  • Pray for Archbishop Vigneron as he discerns his account to be released June 3, 2017 during Pentecost Mass at the Cathedral.
  • Remember we are ALL called to be a band of joyful missionary disciples, therefore making a difference in others’ lives.
  • We as a church need to share our gifts and talents with others around us. We also need to expand our thinking outward, city, vicariate, archdiocese.
  • Look around, there are many things that will be happening around the diocese. We as people of Jesus Christ have a hunger to know the Holy Spirit. Start by visiting the archdiocese website ( and watch the Synod videos. !Aspire to Inspire!

O Holy Spirit, Divine Consoler!
We adore you as God. We offer you our whole hearts and render you thanks for all the benefits you have bestowed upon us. You are the author of all supernatural gifts. We ask you to visit us by your grace and love and to guide, strengthen and protect Archbishop Vigneron as he leads our archdiocese. O Holy Spirit, Spirit of truth, come into our hearts, shed the brightness of your light on our parish and its members so that all we do will be united with and pleasing to you. We give you permission to refashion us according to your will. Amen

Rebecca Sweet

Religious Formation News – March 19, 2017

Peace be with you!

  • On Saturday March 4th we traveled to Blessed Sacrament Cathedral for the Rite of Election of our RCIA participants preparing to enter the church at the Easter Vigil!

    It was a wonderful Rite for catechumens, Michael Schneider and Amanda Graham who will be “fully initiated” (Baptized, Confirmed, Eucharist) at the Vigil! They are now called the Elect!

    At the Rite they were called forward by name and signed the scroll which was placed in the Book of the Elect! The Bishop (Battersby) asked if they “wished to enter fully into the life of the Church through the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and Eucharist?” They answered “We do!”

    Katherine Hastings was called to “Continuing Conversion” (already being baptized in another Christian faith) and will make a Profession of Faith at the Vigil and complete the Sacraments of Initiation (Confirmation and Eucharist). Her sponsor affirmed the suitableness of this candidate to be called to continuing conversion! The Bishop then asked “Candidates do you wish to share fully in the Church’s sacraments of confirmation and the Eucharist? They answered “Yes, we do.”

  • On the 3rd, 4th and 5th Sunday’s of Lent the Scrutiny’s will take place! The Elect will look into their lives and “scrutinize” any sin or weakness they are experiencing. They will also be encouraged to strengthen all that is strong and good!

    Each Scrutiny is calling the unbaptized to a deeper conversion of their lives as they move toward the Easter Vigil. They are presented with the CREED of the church at the 1st Scrutiny and the LORD’S PRAYER at the 3rd Scrutiny. At each Scrutiny the assembly prays over these elect to successfully complete their long preparation and at the Paschal Feast find Christ in His sacraments!!

  • During these weeks it is a great opportunity for all of us to do the same scrutinizing of our lives that the Elect will do.

    Where in our life do we need to address sin and weakness?? Who haven’t we forgiven? Our good deeds will make us holy but our FORGIVENESS will get us into heaven!! Where are our strengths in living the faith? What can we do to make them even stronger and better during these weeks of fasting, prayer and almsgiving??

    Remember that Spiritual warfare happens during the weeks of Lent as we turn our hearts and actions to Jesus. The devil is always trying to undermine us and create chaos where we are doing good! JESUS has won that fight but we must be mindful of evil in our lives!

God bless your Lenten journey with prayers for strength and healing!!
Karen Clor – DRE

Knights of Columbus News – March 19, 2017

K of C logoKnights of Columbus
Msgr. E.J. McCormick Council 521

February 2017 Knight of the Month: Paul Richter. Paul has participated and donated his time in many Holy Trinity Church events . Thank You Paul for ALL you do for our parish.

February 2017 Family of the Month: Janderwski Family for the Holy Trinity youth soup and game night. Rick, Lynne, Chelsea and Kristofer.

Thank You to everyone who helped out getting ready for this years parade. Thank You for the parishioners that walked with us. Thank You to the Jackson family for preparing the corn beef dinner after the parade. Congratulations to council 521 for winning the best music award again this year. Way to Go Jerry Sebastian!

The Knights of Columbus council 521 supports Holy Trinity Parish and we could use help and more participation.

Catholic men over 18 years of age, please consider joining the Knights Council 521. Help out your local Parish and community in a church organization.

Call or email membership director Rick Janderwski 810-650-2305 email ten.t1519054492sacmo1519054492c@iks1519054492wredn1519054492ajr1519054492

God Bless Vivat Jesus!

Lenten Film Series March 22nd, 2017

Season for Nonviolence/Bluewater Pax Christi—Lenten Film Series

7pm Wednesdays at the Main Library in Port Huron. No charge.

March 22nd, 2017 Guns, Drugs, and the CIA
The lamentable history of how morality has been bent many times by our government to achieve transient political victories in foreign countries. A PBS documentary. 60 minutes.

Buildings Update

From Fr. Sal

The purchase of OLG Mission building continues to move forward. Paperwork for the sale has been drafted by the Archdiocese on our end and given to the buyer for inspection.

We await any clarifications or questions that will come from their end before finalizing the purchase agreement. We are holding a $5000 deposit on the $225,000 sale price.
We do not have a closing date as of yet, but feel confident that everything will be settled by June. No more rentals will be booked at OLG after the end of this month because of the uncertain closing date. Tables, chairs, kitchen supplies, etc. will all be negotiated. All liturgical items will go either to St. Joe’s, St. Stephen’s, or to the Archdiocese who will give them to other Catholic churches in need. The Executive Committee of OLG will be working with me to determine how we might reinvest some of the sale money into Hispanic outreach, which is only fitting given the mission’s work.

A decision is yet to be made on the replacement of St. Joe’s roof. The roof is almost 100 years old and the tiles have become brittle. Much of the felt lining is decomposed, and some decking replacement will be required. The estimates have ranged from $200,000 – $400,000. We have to choose materials that 1) will hold up to the test of time 2) are historically appropriate. In order to have a more accurate idea on the potential cost of this project we have paid for design documents to be drawn up so that we can solicit 4-5 contractors to bid on the project. We are hoping to have bidding done by the end of this month, but are still identifying potential contractors. I will update you when we know more.

Respite From All The News

By: Sr. Gloria

Following are various quotes in random order. Hopefully they can provide moments, here and there, of reflections and prayer for this Lenten season in the year of our Lord, 2017.

St. Augustine said this so very long ago: “We are Christians and strangers on earth. Let none of us be frightened; our native land is not in this world.”

St. Teresa of Avila: “Prayer is not just spending time with God. It is partly that — but if it ends there, it is fruitless. No, prayer is dynamic. Authentic prayer changes us, unmasks us, strips us, indicates where growth is needed. Authentic prayer never leads to complacency, but needles us, makes us uneasy at times. It leads us to true self-knowledge, to true humility.”

St. Teresa of Avila also puts it more simply: “We need no wings to go in search of God but have only to look upon God present within us.”

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) proclaims: “Jesus become one of us, more than this, he became one with us. For this is the marvelous thing about the human race, that we are all one. He came to be one mysterious Body with us: he our head, we his members.”

St. Catherine of Siena prays: “In your nature, eternal Godhead, I shall come to know my nature. And what is my nature? It is fire, because you are a fire of love. Today, eternal God, let our cloud be dissipated so that we may perfectly know and follow your truth, with a free and simple heart. God, come to our assistance! Lord, make haste to help us! Amen.”

Sr. Joan Chittister simply says: “Love is not for our own sakes. Love frees us to see others as God sees them.”

St. Aelred of Rievaulx prayed, “Lord, sometimes I wander away from you, not because I am deliberately turning my back on you, but because of the inconstancy of my mind. I weaken in my intention of giving my whole self to you. I fall back into thinking of myself as my own master. When I wander from you, within me I find nothing but darkness, fear and anxiety. So I come back to you and confess that I have sinned. Forgive me, Lord. Amen.”

Suddenly we turn to Psalm 147: “How good it is to make music to our God; how fitting to sing God’s praise.”

Then we turn to the prophecy in Isaiah 43:19: “I am about to do a new thing; Now it springs forth. Do you not see it?”

WOW! Our God is an awesome God!

On behalf of the 150 women who attended the mini-retreat on Mary, I would like to say thank you to the parishioners of Holy Trinity Parish. It is through your generosity that we are able to provide this type of spiritual enrichment for so many women. Our parishioners invited women from all over the area to attend. Teenagers as well as women in their 90’s were inspired and enlightened by Deacon Dennis Crimmins and Nancy Trudell. Mary Fran Liberty-Caza and Lois Zuccarini lifted us up in song and helped us praise our Awesome God. It was a very special day and a moving way to start our Lenten journey. Thank you!

Practice for Lent

Right a wrong
Mend a quarrel
Count your blessings
Where there is no music, be the song
Find a forgotten friend
Attend Mass more frequently
Fast from gossip
Be humble in success
Seek peace
Pray the Way of the Cross
Think of someone else, first
Plant a garden
Laugh a little, and then a little more
Visit with neighbors who stop to talk
Don’t run water needlessly
Gladden the heart of a child
Take time to imagine
Eat by candlelight
Inspire hope in another
Be patient in hardship
Apologize if you are wrong
Be generous
Be thankful, and mean it
Read the Bible daily
Rejoice in the beauty of the earth
Make a new friend
Do a job for nothing
Abstain from complaining
Be hopeful in disappointment
               Read Psalm 22

Lenten Film Series March 17th, 2017

Season for Nonviolence/Bluewater Pax Christi—Lenten Film Series

Friday, March 17th, 2017 American Violet – Docudrama of the struggle in a Texas town between a young black mother with her inter-racial lawyers, and a law enforcement system prejudiced against the black and poor. 103 minutes.

7pm at St. Stephen School, Room 105. Free