Revolution of Tenderness

According to Pope Francis, “we are asked to live the revolution of tenderness.” He goes on to explain that, “our revolution comes about through tenderness, through the joy which always becomes closeness and compassion, and leads us to get involved in, and to serve, the life of others.” With that in mind the Evangelization Commission has developed a plan to reach out to the 264 people that have not been accounted for in our recent parish census. The help of the entire parish is needed. Love is the motivation for this project. The feeling is that these people need Jesus.

The plan includes the creation of 50 teams of two members each to make contact with these individuals/ households. The outreach project will begin on Sunday, November 15 and run through Sunday, November 22. All volunteers will be trained and equipped with a script of what to say. Contacts can be made by phone or in person.

To make this project successful all parishioners are invited to become involved by becoming a volunteer team member and by praying for the success of this project. Please call Deacon Dennis at (810) 359-2366 to sign up or for more information.

Weekend Mass Attendance

Several weekends ago you saw ushers counting you during the homily. I am very happy to report that in the area of Mass attendance our parish is doing very well! Here is our Average Weekly Mass Attendance for 4 of the last 5 years (we did not take counts in 2012):

  • November 5 & 13, 2011: 1,034* (At this time we offered two Masses a month at Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission at 11:00 am, as well as the 11:00 am at St. Joseph Church).
  • October 20 & 24, 2013: 926
  • October 19 & 26, 2014: 815
  • October 18 & 25, 2015: 937

I suppose that there are many factors that go into weekend Mass attendance. I am certain that offering Christlife has been a huge factor in our turn-around, as well as our recent emphasis on Evangelization. No doubt the addition of Fr. Jeff and Dc. Dennis has also helped. And, of course, our music ministries continue to be among the most prayerful and inspiring in the Blue Water Area! But I truly believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and active in every aspect of the life of our parish, including Worship, Faith Formation, Christian Service, Stewardship, and Community Life! Thank-you for all you have done to help make Holy Trinity a healthy parish and a wonderful place to worship.

God Bless,
Fr. Brian

Religious Education News – November 1, 2015

Peace be with you and Happy All Saints Day!

saintsThis time of the year is always fun at Religious Formation and we just completed a super fun All Saints Party on Wednesday and the children learned about many of the Holy men and women whose Feast we celebrate today! (Thank you Laura Somogy for the great planning of our Saints night)!!

The children learn that we devote our praise and adoration ONLY to GOD but that we pray to the Saints/saints in heaven to intercede to God with our prayers, needs and petitions on our behalf. (Saints both recognized and (saints) known only to God)!

We believe that when these Holy people entered into the joy of their Master, they were “put in charge of many things” their intercession for us being a most exalted service in God’s plan!
CCC # 2683

These Saints, who know what it is to be sinful, to suffer, to sacrifice, to surrender, will surely hear our prayers and present them to the Lord. How fun to know that Mary the Mother of Jesus, St. Peter, St. Jude, St. Francis etc. etc. etc. will go to bat for us in heaven!

The kids are always “surprised” to find out that they too can be a Saint/saint one day! I love to see their faces when they realize that they can and should strive for that. I pray often for intercession from my dear niece Tracy (RIP) who suffered for seven years with breast cancer and never complained….. Surely a saint in heaven and able to take my needs to God!

We also suggest that the kids pick a favorite Saint to emulate and pray to! I share my love for St. Peter who bumbled along following Jesus, often making mistakes, even denying Him, but in the end being shown great mercy and then entrusted by Jesus to hold the keys to the Kingdom!
I show them the key necklace that I often wear to remind me of St. Peter and that there is HOPE for us all and that sometimes all we need to do right is LOVE Him!

Our Confirmation students have just all completed choosing a Saint for their Confirmation name and writing their reports. They will be sealed with that Saints name and Holy Chrism on the day of their Confirmation (March the 5th 2016).

Today we introduced them to the Holy Trinity Community and we pray for their preparation efforts to become friends of Jesus and true disciples (like Peter) of the Catholic faith!

Please pray for: Carson Allen, Zachary Brewer, Francis & Griffin Christie, Madison Gilbert, Matthew Green, Neely Hills, Jessica Jackson, Josephina Kress, Benjamin LaBeau, Anna McClelland, Emma Parker, Jordan Storey, Lloyd Sweet and (Andrew Warsalla -baptized and confirmed at the Easter Vigil) as they move forward into a deeper understanding and commitment to their faith!

All you Holy Men and Women pray for us!

Karen Clor – DRE
810-985-9069 or moc.o1519054620ohay@1519054620erneh1519054620petst1519054620s1519054620

When Are the Flu Shots?

The VNA has informed us that they are no longer able to bring a flu shot clinic to the parish. (Like many of you, this is where I always got my flu shot!). I am so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you! Of course, it is very important for many of us to get a flu shot. For more information about the importance of getting a flu shot you can visit For more information on where you can get a flu shot locally you can visit This might be a good time to remind everyone that if you are sick with the flu, it might be a good idea to refrain from taking the Precious Blood at Mass, or even to stay home and get rest. Helping to prevent your sisters and brothers in the Lord from getting sick is an act of charity.

Fr. Brian

Christian Service Commission Projects

“We are the Light of the World”

Jail Outreach Program: During the month of November we will be collecting religious Christmas cards and unused postage stamps. These items will be donated to the inmates in our local jails. There will be collection boxes at each site for these items.

Re-Gifting Table: We are once again having a re-gifting table available the day the food baskets are distributed. Please donate any new or gently used items you may have that you do not need or use. Thank you.

Food Baskets: Once again we are planning for Christmas Food Baskets to be distributed on December 12, 2015. The great participation of all our parishioners makes this project a way to evangelize to our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate. We will be asking for the donation of turkeys and food so that we are able to make someone’s Christmas a little nicer.

Each week for the next five weeks we will be collecting food to be placed in the baskets. You may bring all the items or just one of the items. Anything you do will be greatly appreciated. Please place the food in the collection baskets that are already around the entryways in the Church. Thank you in advance for all your help with this project. Please contact Barb Brown at 810-385-6736 with any questions.

  • November 7-8: canned spaghetti sauce, spaghetti, canned soups, soda crackers.
  • November 14-15: brownie mix, cake mix, frosting, canned vegetables
  • November 21-22: canned fruit, rice, mashed potatoes, peanut butter
  • November 28-29: stuffing, cranberries, mac & cheese, canned gravy
  • December 5-6: tuna, cereal, Jell-O, puddings, toilet paper and paper towels

Liturgical Ministers, please re-register

ATTENTION: Please Re-Register

If you are currently active in a liturgical ministry, and wish to remain active – Reader, Eucharistic Minister, Minister to the Homebound, Usher – please take the time to register your name, phone number and email address on the appropriate form in either St. Stephen’s Church or St. Joseph’s Church. The forms will remain in place through the weekend of November 14th & 15th. They will be collected following the 11:00am mass on Sunday, November 15th, and the information that has been provided will allow us to update our list of available liturgical ministers. If you are a minister at all three sites, please sign the appropriate forms. You will find one new form at both sites and that is for Greeters. If you are interested in being a Greeter or in learning more about this valuable ministry, please sign the form and you will receive a call to attend an information meeting. All liturgical ministers are a very important part of the spiritual life of the parish. Please take a moment, sign the form, and update your information

Quilt Raffle 2015

quilt raffle 2015Nan Grebenok has once again donated quilt sets to be raffled with the proceeds going to help feed the hungry through the Eastern Michigan Food Bank.
Tickets will be $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. The drawing will be held on December 5, 2015.

Rev. Rene L. Desmarais Memorial Fund Scholarships 2015

This memorial fund was established in Fr. Rene’s memory for the purpose of continuing the variety of works he began in the Port Huron community. One of these works was to award scholarships to full time students attending SC4 and Baker College.

Scholarship applications are available in the parish office. We ask that applications be returned to the parish office by November 1st. This will enable the Scholarship Committee time to review the applications and award the scholarships for the Winter semester.

October – Month of the Holy Rosary

rosary“Hail Mary full of grace”

Because October is the month of the Holy Rosary, the rosary will be recited 20 minutes prior to the closing of Eucharistic Adoration each Tuesday in October. All are invited to spend some time before the Blessed Sacrament on Tuesdays following the 9:00am mass and to join us in the rosary at approximately 12:10pm. Eucharistic Adoration will close as normal at 12:30pm. “Can you not spend one hour with me?”

Religious Education News – October 18, 2015

I want to give a big shout out of THANKS to some awesome groups who have stepped forward to help out our Religious Formation program already this year!!

First, thank you goes to the K of C and Christian Service for providing our first Family Night Supper on September 30th. The Knights provided grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, chips and condiments and the Christian Service provided carrot & celery sticks, dip and milk and punch! Along with the food they also provided the serving and cleaning up from the event!

K of C member Ric Ramales was on hand to take great photo’s of the supper and the prayerful Adoration that followed!! The free will offering taken up was donated to the Faith Formation program and I have purchased hard cover Bibles for our Confirmation students with it. Wonderful!!

Next the St. Anne Altar Society ladies came out to assist in the Living Rosary prayed on October 7th and lit the many candles that formed the decades of the rosary! It was a great help and a wonderful visual for the kids to see all those lit candles that represented the prayers they had just offered up for the intentions of their families! The ladies helped with putting away everything after our prayer and it was a huge help to me. Fantastic!

The Faith Formation kids were able to give back to the church as well last week, as many showed up to help at Sunday’s annual chicken dinner! Young kids and teens clearing tables, serving food and drinks, overseeing the bouncy house, plating and serving desserts! Wow what good little helpers they were!

What is really great is our children and parents are able to see the works of these church groups and intermingle with the members! Church community at its best! Hopefully inspiring future generations of helpers and volunteers!!

Last Wednesday night 16 of our teens came forward and enrolled into the Confirmation preparation program here at Holy Trinity. They have promised to study hard, do service and attend many church functions all in preparation for their Confirmation on March the 5th.

These teens will be introduced to the parish at the November 1st 11:00 a.m. Mass at St. Joseph Church. At that time I will publish their names and the “chosen Saint name” for Confirmation. Their first responsibility is to choose a Saint whose name they will take at Confirmation, report on their Saint and pray to that Saint as they journey toward Confirmation.

Please keep these children in your daily prayers that their relationship with Jesus their Savior and His church will deepen through their efforts!

Blessing on these Harvest days!

Karen Clor – DRE
810-985-9069 or moc.o1519054620ohay@1519054620erneh1519054620petst1519054620s1519054620