Pastor: Rev. Salvatore Palazzolo
Parish Office Number: 810-984-2689

Funerals at Holy Trinity Parish

From time to time people call to express their concern about whether or not we will hold the funeral of a loved one at our parish (if, for example, they have been in a nursing home and haven’t been to Mass in a long time). In 9 years of priestly ministry I don’t recall ever having to turn away a request for a funeral. However, I do think that this might be a good time to let people know how the scheduling of a funeral or memorial mass occurs here at Holy Trinity Parish.

“How are funeral Masses scheduled?”

Most often I am called personally by the funeral director on my cell phone, who is usually in the process of meeting with the family of the deceased. A date is selected and I request a personal sit-down meeting with the family to discuss the specifics of the Mass and learn about their loved one. At our meeting we talk about the readings, the homily, music and the luncheon.

For funerals at St. Joseph, Sr. Gloria and I meet together with the family.

For funerals at St. Stephen, I usually take the song requests and communicate them to one of our musicians.

“What about funeral services in the funeral home?”

The same procedure is generally followed whether the funeral is at church or in a funeral home, with the exception of the music.

“Why don’t you do the Rosary anymore?”

Certainly the Vigil Service in the funeral home on the night before the funeral is an important time for family and friends to gather and pray. And I do lead these services (whether they are a Rosary or a Scripture Service) when I can. Most weeknights, however, I have appointments or meetings. Thankfully we have several parish volunteers who are well prepared and most willing to go to the funeral home to lead a Vigil Service.

“Our family is close friends with another priest. Can he come to do the funeral of our loved one?”

Yes. Visiting clergy are always welcome to concelebrate, preach and/or preside at parish funerals.

“How do we schedule the funeral luncheon?”

Thankfully, all three of our worship sites have traditionally offered funeral luncheons (a wonderful service to the family)! The funeral luncheon is scheduled by the parish office when the family comes in to meet with us and plan the ceremony.