Your Wedding At Holy Trinity Parish

St. Joseph Church
St. Stephen Church
Our Lady of Guadalupe

Who do we call to schedule a wedding?

Please call the pastor at least six months prior to when you would like to be married.
Rev. Salvatore Palazzolo, Pastor
Office number is 810-984-2689.

When are weddings scheduled in our parishes?

Generally they are scheduled
for 5:30 pm on Friday
and 1:30 pm on Saturday.
Rehearsals are held on
the night before the weddings at 6:30 pm.

Marriage Preparation:

Couples planning to be married
at Holy Trinity Parish need to:

  1. Obtain a letter from your current parish demonstrating membership and participation.
  2. Contact your parish of Baptism and obtain a new Baptismal Certificate.
  3. Meet with the celebrant of the wedding to set a date and complete a pre-marriage file.
  4. Take a pre-marriage inventory (PMI) and meet with a counselor to review the results.
  5. Attend a pre-marriage seminar approved by the Roman Catholic Church
  6. Meet with the celebrant and the rehearsal coordinator to review the ceremony.
  7. Contact a musician to plan the music for the ceremony.

Planning the Ceremony:

Couples will be provided a booklet containing selections for the prayers and scripture readings for the ceremony. Whether the wedding is in the context of a Mass or not, the wedding ceremony must be according to the Rite of Christian Marriage. Non-Christian readings, music, etc. are not appropriate for the ceremony.

How much does it cost to get married?

  1. We ask the couple to make a donation to the parish of $200
  2. Pre-Marriage Inventory: $100 payable to Catholic Social Service
  3. Pre-Marriage Seminar: $75 payable to Holy Trinity Parish
  4. Celebrant: It is not necessary to pay the celebrant

Do the above fees include music?

No. Depending on where you are getting married, we have you meet directly with that church’s music ministry to discuss the many wonderful options available for your wedding. Understandably, this may affect their fee.

How many times do we meet with the priest?

Usually three. At the first meeting we gather important information for the marriage file and have the couple take a Pre-Marriage Inventory. At the second meeting the results of the Pre-Marriage Inventory are reviewed. I also like to hold a third meeting just before the wedding to go over the details of the wedding ceremony (readings, etc.).

Do we have to go to classes?

Yes. We have a list available of classes throughout southeastern Michigan of Roman Catholic pre-marriage classes that vary in length, cost and distance.

Can another priest or deacon come in to do our wedding?

Yes, priests or deacons in good standing with their diocese are most welcome to come in to perform your ceremony.

What are the rules for decorations?

Non-stick pew bows and altar flowers are permitted. However, we cannot allow anything that people can slip or fall on like rose petals, rice, or confetti. This applies to both inside and outside of the church.

*** Please be aware that flowers and decorations in the church reflect the colors and/or themes of the liturgical season (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Ordinary Time). As such, church decorations will not be moved or removed to accommodate your service.

How long are the church aisles?

At St. Stephen the main aisle is about 70’ long and at St. Joseph it is about 75’ long.


The ushers, groom, groomsmen, bride and bridesmaid are to arrive to the church no later than 30 minutes prior to the ceremony.

Behavior and Courteousness:

Consuming alcoholic beverages prior to the ceremony or in the church is absolutely not allowed. The celebrant has the right to not conduct the wedding if it is apparent that the bridal party has been drinking and, thus, is not able to take or witness the marriage vows. The only beverages allowed on the church premises is bottled water.

Changing Rooms:

Both worship sites (St. Joseph and St. Stephen) have an area for the bridal party to get dressed at church, should they choose.

Pictures / Video:

Pictures may be taken during the ceremony. Please ask your photographer to consult with the celebrant before the ceremony. You may return to the altar after the ceremony for photographs.


Please designate someone among your family or friends to remove any pew bows and decorations after the ceremony.