Service Opportunities

Catholic Volunteer Network 2015

Catholic Volunteer Network – This group has been working over 60 years with many organizations, interfaith included {e.g. Habitat for Humanity}, with recommendations for young people to find good supported service and mission experiences. As well as online information, they have a helpful catalogue “RESPONSE” that can be ordered at their site.

St Christopher Dominican Republic Trip

From the FOCUS trips to Dominican Republic. Our St. Christopher Parish, and RayJon Sharecare of Sarnia, also have been sending mission teams there and Haiti for many years.

FOCUS Missions – This site emphasizes opportunities for young adults and college students, which include spring break, and study abroad possibilities, as well as World Youth Day 2016 groupings and info. Our Archdiocese of Detroit has WYD 2016 trips that our parish is encouraging.

Check out the FOCUS short videos for lots of different ideas on service.

Catholic Mission Trips volunteers buildingCatholic Mission Trips – This organization recruits both for participants, and for mid-20’s young adults with mission experience to become members of their staff. One of their former staff members is available to provide more details.
The Archdiocese of Detroit also offers a short term Youth Mission Trip, but the time has past for this year’s trip to Ecuador.

For more information and assistance to pursue any of these opportunities, please contact Michael McCarthy moc.l1524720510iamg@1524720510xapcc1524720510m1524720510, Trish Dillon moc.l1524720510iamg@1524720510hsirt1524720510nolli1524720510d1524720510 , or Ann Ramales ten.h1524720510cetir1524720510ema@s1524720510elama1524720510rea1524720510, of our Pax Christi and Christian Service organizations.